Kristin Sevaldsen

a Norwegian Saxophonist, Composer & Producer

My name is Kristin Sevaldsen, a Norwegian saxophonist, composer and producer. After several albums, projects and international artist collaborations, scoring for film and theater, I now focus on an Album Trilogy based on field recordings from different places, situations and countries in the Arctic region.

The Sonic Experience -Snøhetta was launched in 2022 as the first album in the coming trilogy and the reviews was excitingly good. The Polish JazzPressMagazine picked the album as «one of the worlds most interesting albums launched in May 2022». Also Jazz Japan presented it among the new album picks in the June 2022 issue.

Currently I’m working on the 2nd album, and this time it’s about ICELAND. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming album and other projects.


I’m currently working on the volume #2 of my Sonic Experience trilogy, now based on field-recordings from Iceland. Stay tuned for updates on SoMe.
– Love K*

Melting Glacier

Watch my music video
Melting Glacier
from beautiful
Mt. Snøhetta on the mythical Dovre barriere

My last album

The Sonic Experience
-Snøhetta is my last album based on field recordings from the Mt. Snøhetta area
Genre: Deep Listening, Ambient, Electro-Acoustic


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